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Lesbiana does good.

My girly sub has pleased me again. Her husband earned a big bonus this week and she just loves to spend it on me while he is away screwing one of his bits on the side.
Today in the post I received a new pair of gorgeous New Rock heels and £200 in cash.


That’s my good girl.


Treats page all set up.

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Said the Spider to the Fly…..

Open yourself to me. Show me who you are, your deepest desires and most secret fantasies. Give me an offering, and I will give you everything you’ve dreamed of and more.

I want to make you mine, body and soul. I want you to trust me with your heart, with your emotions, with your credit card. I want you to give yourself willingly, knowing that for everything that you give, you will receive back something greater.

Peak my interest with a gift, and hold my attention with your devotion. Make it worth my time and I will crawl inside your mind, sink in my claws and make you into the perfect slave for my amusement.

You will find that you want to do things you never dreamed of, because I tell you to. The very sound of my voice will send shivers down your spine, and bring the blood rushing to your cock.

Earn my attention, and you will never look back.

What are you waiting for?